Beñat: “In my daily life I use a soapbox (gravity racer), a bike and a scooter”

The winners of the July challenge on sustainable mobility have been announced, and the August challenge on sustainable tourism is now open
Beñat Porras and Haritz Zarraga were announced as the winners of the July Sustainable Development Challenge. The theme was sustainable mobility. The contest was open to everyone. All you had to do was upload a photograph of yourself travelling by bike, on a scooter, on foot, or on public transport… Beñat made it clear: he put together his usual means of transport, uploaded the photo for the competition, entitled it “Getting around without polluting”, and added “In my daily life I use a soapbox (gravity racer), a bike and a scooter”. Well done, Beñat!

In addition to the prize for all participants, supporters of the Foundation were eligible for a special surprise prize. Foundation supporter Haritz Zarraga was the winner in July. His photograph of himself on a bike with his mother was well worth it. He entitled it “Familia osoa bizikletaz” and explained: “Ahal dugunean bizikleta erabiltzen dugu. Ogia erostera bizikletaz goaz, adibidez.” The Foundation will present the awards soon and then Haritz will know exactly what his special surprise award will be for being a member of CLUB ATHLETIC.

The challenge for August: sustainable tourism. Take part!

Below is a selection of photographs of July’s participants and the link to the new Sustainable Development Challenge for August, this time based on Sustainable Tourism. The competition is open to everyone. Take a photograph of your sustainable holiday, give it a title and add a sentence commenting on your image… You can do this easily by filling in the form for our competition. To take part, click HERE and help us to make the world a better place. And remember, you can win an Athletic shirt and, if you are also supporter of the Foundation, i.e. a member of CLUB ATHLETIC, you will be eligible for the special surprise prize.

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