Sustainable Development Challenges

From the position of the small amount of strong influence that we all have in our own homes, this new contest aims to make our world a little better. We will try to raise awareness about the important role we can play in improving and sustaining our world through games and challenges on topics such as sustainability, culture and society.




One of the challenges of sustainability that we will have to face sooner rather than later relates to cleaning products. Industrial cleaning products are effective, but often highly polluting. We need to find a balance that allows them to be used in a way that takes their environmental impact into account. Residues of many cleaning products are toxic and end up in water, air and soil. An alternative available to everyone is to use homemade, eco-friendly cleaning products, using items that we usually have at home, such as lemon, vinegar, bicarbonate, alcohol, aloe… which, when properly combined, perfectly fulfil the disinfectant and cleaning role we are looking for. A clear example would be homemade hydroalcoholic gel to combat the pandemic. There are a number of tutorials on how to make them easily and safely on the internet.

The challenge

Take a picture of a disinfectant or cleaning product you have made at home, give it a title and upload it here.

Personal information:

Every month, we will publish a report on your answers on the website, where the photos you send us will appear. Furthermore, we will hold a draw for an Athletic Club shirt for all participants. And if you are a supporter of the Foundation, you will be entered into a draw for a special surprise prize.

Dyes, artificial fragrances and corrosive products such as bleach or ammonia and antibacterial agents are often unnecessary and can be very polluting. The fact is that we use more than a thousand tonnes of cleaning products a year and this has a very strong impact on nature.

Benefits of more environmentally friendly cleaning products:

  • They are cheap
  • As they are natural, they do not harm us or the environment.
  • We save money by making them at home
  • They are not tested on animals
  • They are multi-purpose for a wide variety of cleaning-related jobs.
  • They can be prepared quickly

So, whether you are doing it for economic or ecological reasons, making cleaning products at home is a win-win for everyone: us, the environment and our homes. A good home environment will always make us happier.

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