Fundazioa joins Asteklima

Together with Lurgaia and the Bilbao City Council, and together with Gizakia, it will participate in two of the activities proposed to be carried out in the estuary: waste collection and an interpretative walk

The Athletic Club Foundation is joining the fourth edition of Asteklima, the Climate and Energy Week 2023 to be held in the Basque Country from 22 September to 1 October. Asteklima is an initiative promoted by the Basque Government’s Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment through its public entities EVE and Ihobe, whose objective is to raise awareness and mobilise citizens in the face of the necessary energy and climate transition.

In collaboration with the Lurgaia Foundation, the Athletic Foundation will participate in two activities that form part of the agenda of activities programmed to mobilise citizens against global warming and the energy and climate transition.

Collection of plastics and rubbish in the Nervión La Peña estuary and subsequent canoe trip along the estuary (Saturday 30, 9:30am)

Initial talk on river ecosystems and the current problem of plastics, both in rivers and marine ecosystems. Entry to the river in the area of La Peña and waste collection. Afterwards, the waste collected will be sorted and deposited in the corresponding containers. To end the activity, there will be a guided canoe trip along the estuary to the Bilbao Maritime Museum.

Interpretative walk along the estuary (Sunday 1, 9:30)

A walk along the banks of the estuary from the Town Hall to Zorroza with an explanation of the physico-chemical and biological improvement of the estuary and observation of the species that inhabit it.

Talk given by Javier Franco, doctor in biology and expert in environmental management of the seas and coasts at the Azti technology centre. Javier has been researching in the estuary for 30 years and knows the transformation it has undergone since then.

In these activities organised for Asteklima, the Foundation, as on previous occasions, will take the opportunity to involve entities collaborating in social projects. In this way, united for the common good, users of the Gizakia Foundation will take part in Asteklima.