Maximum recognition for Gizakia


The entity with which the Athletic Club Foundation collaborates receives the Gold Medal of the Order of Merit of the National Plan on Drugs

The Gizakia Foundation has recently received the highest award granted by the National Plan on Drugs: the Gold Medal of the Order of Merit. This highest recognition is awarded “for its work in the prevention of risk behaviour in adolescence and its essential role in the integration of a comprehensive approach to addictions”.

Precisely, the Athletic Club Foundation participates in this comprehensive care offered by Gizakia, thanks to the organisation of sports training sessions. These training sessions led by technical staff from Athletic Club Foundation are very beneficial for the recovery process and social inclusion of the users.

In this way, the inpatients of the Gizakia centre in Gordexola, as well as those of the Day Centre and the Centre for Accompanying Insertion (CAI) in Deusto, count on the collaboration of the Athletic Club Foundation in their comprehensive treatment aimed at people with addictions.

The weekly training sessions led by the Foundation’s technicians promote participation in sporting activity in a climate of mutual help, an experience that incorporates habits and values that help in the therapies of the centres in Gizakia. The work carried out between Gordexola and Deusto is divided into five groups in total, some of them football and others multisport.

It is not only about the general benefits attributed to sport (combating metabolic syndrome, acquiring healthy habits and improving physical fitness), but also that group sport helps to combat loneliness and establish affective relationships and moments of companionship that are very positive for recovery.