Official reception of the City Council of Bilbao to Genuine


The Athletic Club Fundazioa has been received in the Arab Hall of the Bilbao City Hall by Mayor Juan Mari Aburto and other authorities

Our Genuine team, the Athletic Club Fundazioa, accompanied by Juan Carlos Ercoreca, president of the Foundation, has been received in the Arab Hall by the mayor, Juan Mari Aburto, and other municipal authorities. As always when the Genuine is involved, joy and good atmosphere have surrounded the event.

Juan Mari Aburto stressed that the reception “is a public recognition of this initiative to favor the integration of those people who have different capacities.” Addressing the Genuine players, he reminded them that “you are one of the three teams of our Athletic: you are part of what we love so much, you are part of our Athletic, and you are a reference for all and for all ”.

For his part, Juan Carlos Ercoreca has thanked the tribute, has aligned the Foundation with the Charter of Values ​​led by the City of Bilbao, and has acknowledged that if the Genuine deserves this reception it is “because both they and all Family members who accompany them are great representatives of the values ​​we intend to embody in Athletic. ”

The boys and girls of the Ikastola Begoñazpi who were visiting the City Council have been delighted with the tribute, and Juan Carlos Ercoreca has dedicated a few words reminding them “that these boys and girls you see are Athletic players and have Athletic not only in the shield but also in the heart. ”

Athletic has won the Fair Play in the first two editions of LaLiga Genuine. It is a magnificent achievement because this competition is characterized by being an example of social integration and inclusion in the world of football and, consequently, the recognition that Athletic Club Fundazioa has achieved is the one that best reflects the spirit and sense of LaLiga Genuine.