“Somos Diferentes”, first Peña Fundaziozale

This Peña based in Madrid signs a collaboration agreement with the Foundation and becomes the first Peña Simpatizante

The Athletic Club Foundation and the Official Peña “Somos Diferentes” have signed a collaboration agreement whereby the group becomes the first Fundaziozale peña of the 463 that Athletic Club has. Based in Madrid, “Somos Diferentes” is one of the most active peñas of the red and wfite family, organizing events, trips and awarding the prize “Different of the year”, which to date have received Gurpegui, Guerrero, Óscar de Marcos and Andoni Iraola.

In its txoko “Jai Enea”, official headquarters located in a central area of ​​the city, you can breathe football and traditional Basque cuisine. An ideal place for our Athleticzale community to meet in Madrid, but feel at home, in the same Botxo. The name of the peña comes from the words that Aritz Aduriz pronounced on the balcony of the City Hall in the celebration of the Super Cup: “This team deserved to enter history and you know why? Because we are like you, because we are a gang, because we compete against the rest of the world, because we are different. ”