The Athletic Club Foundation nominated for the More than Football Award

The Athletic Club Foundation’s cultural project is among the ten candidates up for an award that recognises social initiatives linked to football

The European Football for Development Network (EFDN) is an association of professional clubs whose main objective is to make football a tool for social development. In this context, the More than Football Award is a prize that distinguishes and recognises social initiatives linked to football. The Foundation’s cultural project, together with nine other proposals, is on the longlist of candidates for this important European award.

The Foundation’s cultural project is one of Athletic Club’s most valued and prestigious initiatives. It is a wide and varied programme of cultural activities that build bridges between culture, education and football. Two events from the programme stand out in particular: The Letters and Football festival, dedicated to literature and art, and the Thinking Football Film Festival, one of the most renowned international football and film festivals. The Foundation also organises the annual ‘Bertsoderbia’, a type of Basque spoken word poetry competition between fans of Athletic Club and Real Sociedad, as well as regularly collaborating with Athletic first-team footballers in different initiatives to promote reading, whether that be through books written by the players themselves or Athletic reading clubs.