The Foundation and Anesvad, united by social commitment


The Athletic Club Foundation and the most relevant Bizkaian NGO sign a collaboration agreement that brings together sport, culture and solidarity

The Athletic Club Foundation and the Anesvad Foundation, a leading NGO from Bilbao in the fight for the Right to Health in impoverished circumstances, today signed a framework collaboration agreement to promote joint activities of a social nature. The agreement was signed in Ibaigane by the director of the Athletic Club Foundation, Jon Vázquez Eguskiza, and the chairman of Anesvad, Garbiñe Biurrun Mancisidor. The objective of this agreement is to raise awareness about and promote the social objectives of both foundations, and to organise events and activities that bring together sport, culture and solidarity.

The agreement sets out the collaboration between two organisations that are deeply rooted in Bizkaia. Anesvad has been working with the world’s most impoverished communities for over 50 years, fighting to strengthen their health systems and contributing to social change in order to reduce poverty, inequality and social exclusion.

“This agreement between two of the most deeply rooted entities in Bizkaian society is a reflection of the social commitment we have as a region for a more just, fairer world”, said Anesvad’s chairman, Garbiñe Biurrun Mancisidor. “Sport and culture can help create more critical and active societies that are concerned with ensuring the well-being of the most impoverished countries and communities”, added Biurrun. At the event to sign the agreement, the Athletic Club Foundation presented a shirt with Anesvad’s name and the number 50, in recognition of the NGO’s fifty years of continuous work. In the words of its director, Jon Vázquez Eguskiza, “For the Athletic Club Foundation, reaching agreements with leading organisations such as Anesvad is strategic, knowing that together we can go further in our efforts towards meeting our Sustainable Development Objectives”.

New synergies between sport, culture and solidarity

As stated in the document, the main objective of the agreement is “to design and implement joint interventions, share initiatives in the field of universal accessibility and in the defence, promotion and protection of the right to health, together with sporting and cultural activities that make it possible to develop joint projects, in order to seek synergies in line with the objectives of both organisations. Therefore, the agreement includes “communication and marketing actions such as communication campaigns to individuals, partner companies and society in general; actions in the field of international cooperation, to raise awareness about and promote the social objectives of both foundations; and organising and/or collaborating in events that can be promoted unilaterally or by both signatory foundations.”