Two goals that explain everything


Two goals by Josu and Iturbe during the first day of LaLiga Genuine summarize the spirit and meaning of a unique team

The Athletic Club Genuine Foundation disputed the first day of the third edition of LaLiga that was held during the weekend in Tarragona and, once again, lived up to the circumstances. The sportsmanship and enthusiasm with which the matches of this competition are lived were perfectly reflected in two special plays.

In the first, Josu, one of the team’s veterans, receives within the area a precise pass to the edge of the offside. The expectation is maximum because it is a very charismatic and beloved striker within the group that stands out for almost everything except for his goal scorer. Hit the ball as it arrives, not too strong or placed, but enough to sneak almost miraculously through the gap left by the goalkeeper under one side when he throws.


In the second, Iturbe marks a penalty and then the joy is so much and so shared that even Tenerife players join the celebration. They are two goals so full of meaning that they explain everything and that they seem to give a title. The title that Athletic Club Genuine has won in the two previous editions: that of fair play, that of companionship, that of authenticity, that of inclusion and that of friendship.