A historic and special opponent, Red Star FC

 Day 4 of the Thinking, Letters and Football provided an opportunity to get to know the Parisian team better thanks to the film “We are Red Star” and the presence of their club president

“We are Red Star” was undoubtedly the highlight of Day 4. It is a documentary based on the legendary Parisian club – one of Athletic Club’s oldest opponents.

After the film, Galder Reguera hosted a discussion between the film’s directors, Christian Paureihe and Mónica Regàs, and Red Star’s president, Patrice Haddad.

Haddad was delighted to come to San Mamés, a stadium his team visited five times between 1919 and 1932, although one of those occasions was as part of a team that played alongside Racing Paris.

Los Leones also played Red Star twice in Paris (one of them against a combined team with Racing Paris). Interestingly, it was a match between Red Star and Athletic Club that reopened the famous Parc des Princes as a football ground on October 9 1932. Athletic lost 4-2, but made amends in the return fixture at San Mamés, beating the Parisians 6-2 in December.

As was mentioned, the links between Athletic Club and the Red Star are numerous. If at the beginning of the last century it was sport that united both clubs, nowadays it is culture. In large part thanks to festivals such as Thinking, Letters and Football.

The Foundation chose to screen this documentary because there was an interest in showing the identity of a unique club, one which is committed to values close to those of Athletic Club.

Friday, the best football commercials in history

The main event on Saturday will be a very entertaining and informative show. Publicists Antonio Pacheco (Pach) and Santi García will analyse what they believe are the 25 best football adverts in history, explaining explain why they worked so well as advertising campaigns.