Agreement between Fundación and Coral

The Foundation and the Choral Society of Bilbao sign a collaboration agreement

Juan Carlos Ercoreca, president of the Athletic Club Foundation, and José Miguel Lanzagorta, president of the Bilbao Choral Society, have signed an institutional collaboration agreement with the aim of reaching consensus on possible projects that aim to promote and unite sport with singing coral. These are two activities that are deeply rooted in our territory and which have traditionally already shared common spaces for celebration and identity. These projects, to the extent that they are needed, will in turn be supported by an agreement or contract signed for that purpose.

The Bilbao Choral Society – Bilboko Koral Elkartea is one of the most deeply rooted and historical entities of the city. It was founded in 1886 for the development of music, in general, and of choral music in particular. In addition to the main choir, in 1984 he created a Children’s Choir, and in 1985, the Euskeria Choir, a whole musical quarry that serves as an intermediate step between the conservatory and the adult choir. Both Athletic Club and the Bilbao Choir are an essential part of Bilbao society, and the recently signed collaboration agreement confirms these common ties. Throughout its long history, the Choral has received numerous awards that recognize its trajectory, highlighting, among them, the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (1986), the 50th Anniversary Medal of the UNICEF Foundation (1996 ) or the Gold Medal of the Villa de Bilbao (2007).