Jone: “The change will come from below or it will not come”


Participants in the first sustainable challenge of the new Foundation contest underline the importance of individual commitmentl

Most of the participants in the new Foundation contest highlight the importance of individual commitment to sustainability. The theme of the challenge was local trade. Anyone could take part in the contest. All you had to do was upload a photograph of a purchase in a neighborhood store and explain the reason for that purchase. The variety of the products has been enormous, although almost always essential items: vegetables, fruit, fish … But almost all have agreed when explaining the reason for their purchase: their personal commitment to local trade and sustainability. Aware that one of the factors that contribute most to the general deterioration of the planet is our way of consuming, they have decided to reduce their ecological footprint by individual commitment. “Local commerce is life”, emphasized María Jesús. “The change will come from below or it will not come,” warned Jone, from Txalupa, in the Old Port of Algorta. “In the end, it is investing in the future of our children,” concluded Unai, a client of the Izarbide organic supermarket in Mungia.

Winners of the first Sustainable Development Challenge: Mikel (Lexuri) and Alaia

Mikel Larrinaga has been the winner of this first challenge thanks to his photograph entitled “Always with those from here”. The idea that Athletic Club’s sports philosophy is a sustainable philosophy, related to Km0, deserves the award of an official shirt. “We always buy fruit and vegetables at Frutería Martínez. In the photo, Lexuri, who wants you to do a test in Lezama because since Argote’s time he has not been seen as left-handed, shows some Km0 tomatoes. Real tomatoes, from here, like our lions ”.

Alaia Sainz has deservedly obtained the special award as Fundaziozale. His commitment to the local trade in Muskiz is great: from Víctor and Ana fish shop, to dairy products from the Murrieta farm, including Lupe‘s delicatessen, Ismael‘s meat and Ana‘s pharmacy.

Selection of photos and new challenge

Below is a selection of photographs of the participants and the link to the new Sustainable Development Challenge for the month of July, based this time on Sustainable Mobility. Anyone can participate. Take a photograph of a sustainable journey, give it a title and tell us why you have chosen to walk, bicycle, public transport … You can do all of this in a simple way by filling out our competition form. To participate, click HERE and help us make the world a better place. And remember, you can win an Athletic shirt and, if you are also a Fundaziozale, that is, a member of the CLUB ATHLETIC, you will be eligible for the special surprise award.

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