Anjel Mari Peñagarikano, Recognition Award of the Foundation 2021

The Gipuzkoan bertsolari will receive this Sunday at the Bertsoderbi the annual prize that distinguishes personalities from culture and journalism for their contribution to disseminating the values of Athletic Club

Anjel Mari Peñagarikano, better known as Peña, famous bertsolari athleticzale from Albiztur, will receive this Sunday the 2021 Recognition Award from the Athletic Club Foundation. Like so many other Athletic fans, Peña became athleticzale thanks to the figure of another illustrious Gipuzkoan, Jose Angel Iribar, a living legend of Athletic Club. Precisely, it will be Txopo who gives Peñagarikano the well-deserved award. The tribute will take place during the 18th edition of Bertsoderbia, which will be held at the Zornotza Aretoa in Zornotza at 12:00 noon this Sunday, a few hours before Athletic and Real face off in San Mamés.

In addition, Peñagarikano will be one of the bertsolaris, along with Jone Uria and Aitor Etxebarriazarraga, who will represent the zuri-gorri side at the Bertsoderbi. In front on the stage he will have his fellow txuri-urdine bertsolaris Andoni Egaña, Maialen Lujanbio and Amets Arzallus. A luxury team for a very special edition.

Anjel Peñagarikano has been champion of the Gipuzkoako Bertsolari Txapelketa in 1991 and three times finalist of the Bertsolari Txapelketa Nagusia, in the 1982, 1986 and 1993 editions.

The Athletic Club Foundation would like to thank Anjel Mari Peñagarikano for the brilliance with which he has been able to capture his passion for Athletic through improvised bertsos. Throughout his long career, both in large squares and in the most intimate ones, with his own and unmistakable style that mixes humor with emotion, Peña has been a faithful ambassador of Athletic Club’s values. Eskerrik asko, Anjel Mari, eta zorionak.