Athletic Foundation – Anesvad Solidarity Masks


The Athletic Club Foundation has joined the Anesvad solidarity mask initiative thanks to a limited edition of 500 units

As a result of the collaboration agreement recently signed with Anesvad, the Athletic Club Foundation has joined the solidarity masks initiative promoted by the NGO from Bilbao. The initiative is part of a campaign to send health materials to the people who need them most in countries such as Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast and Ghana.


Part of the cost of this medical material will be covered by the income obtained from donations of €15 required to purchase this very special mask. The masks, which are limited to 500 units, incorporate the logo of the Athletic Club Foundation, while retaining the original design of Anesvad’s solidarity masks, inspired by the shapes and colours of a great cultural tradition in Africa. 

Anesvad focuses its humanitarian work on sub-Saharan Africa, a region with neglected tropical diseases. The COVID-19 pandemic has become a new health threat for impoverished populations who have no real chance of buying or accessing masks. Under the slogan “Take care of yourself, take care of them. By taking care of yourself, you will help fight COVID-19 in Africa”, this solidarity campaign, in which the Athletic Club Foundation is involved, will allow Anesvad to step up the sending of health and protective materials to the countries in sub-Saharan Africa where it operates.