Awards, November winners and new December challenge

Luka and Max win the Sustainable Development Challenge in November, and you can now participate in the December challenge
Max and Fundaziozale Luka have been the winners of the Sustainable Development Challenges contest for the month of November. The theme was the Recycling of Used Clothes. Both winners participated by sending photographs of the moment they deposited their clothing bags in the Reuse container. In this white container, the textile material (clothes, shoes and accessories), toys, books, electronic devices and small household appliances are recycled. The objective of this container is to reduce the generation of waste and extend the useful life of the materials and promote the reuse of those products deposited in the container that are likely to have a second useful life.

Soon, the Foundation will present the awards to both winners and then Luka will know exactly what his special surprise award will be for being a fundaziozale, that is, a member of the CLUB ATHLETIC. Zorionak Max eta Luka!

Ainhoa Tirapu gives the award to Mustapha Aitma

Ainhoa Tirapu, emblematic former Athletic Club player, was in charge of presenting Mustapha Aitma with the red-and-white shirt for being the winner of the October challenge, dedicated to the importance of Biodiversity.


December challenge: take away packaging without producing waste. Participates!

The contest is open to all audiences and it is very easy to participate. Upload a photo of your eco-friendly takeout food or drink packaging. You can do it easily by filling out the form HERE. And remember, you can win an Athletic shirt and, if you are also Fundaziozale, that is, a member of CLUB ATHLETIC, you will be eligible for the special surprise prize.