Awareness and information day organized by the Foundation

Iñaki Alonso has spoken about the implications of the Organic Law on the Protection of Children and Young People from Violence and Galder Reguera has presented in the Town Hall Plan

The Athletic Club Foundation organized yesterday in San Mamés a day of awareness and information on the implications of the Organic Law on the Protection of Children and Young People from Violence. After a short presentation by Aitor Elizegi, president of Athletic Club, Iñaki Alonso, head of Athletic Club’s Aterpe Child Protection Program, explained in detail the consequences that the entry into force of this new law implies for public institutions, educational centers, clubs and sports coaches.

As established in a chapter devoted entirely to sport in the new law, sports clubs must have the presence of a Child Protection Policy and a Child Protection Officer, as well as a minimum level of training in this area for sports staff.

The event, organized in the central ring of San Mamés BAT, was attended by numerous representatives of institutions, educational centers and sports clubs, and was attended by the mayors and councillors of more than 15 municipalities in Bizkaia.

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Foundation Town Hall Plan

Likewise, the Foundation has taken the opportunity to explain its Town Hall Plan, an initiative that aims to bring the values of Athletic Club to all corners of Bizkaia. As Galder Reguera, Project Manager at AC Foundation, has recalled, the objective is one of the essential wishes of the Foundation and of the Athletic Club itself: that the social, environmental, sports and cultural activities organized by the Foundation can be developed in their own municipalities and not only in the capital of the province.

In September 2020, the Foundation presented its strategic agreement with the city of Derio, the first consistory to join this project that explores a new model of cross-collaboration. Derio was followed by six other municipalities: Getxo, Bilbao, Loiu, Güeñes, Alonsotegi and Erandio.

In its first months of operation, the proposal has had an excellent reception among the Biscayan consistories. Within the wide catalog of activities and initiatives that the Foundation offers to collaborating municipalities, the Thinking Football Film Festival, the Reading Clubs and Workshops, the Training of technicians and family members on Comprehensive Protection of Minors and the talks on sports psychology, sports nutrition and ergonomics for the elderly have been the most demanded proposals. Likewise, through these agreements the Foundation and the city councils explore other avenues of transversal collaboration that benefit associations of the Third Social Sector of the Basque Country with which the Foundation works.