Close to Goiztiri and Bizitegi


The delivery of sports equipment by the Foundation also serves to applaud these organizations that fight on the front line against the pandemic

The Goiztiri and Bizitegi associations, which work in favor of people in situations or at risk of social exclusion, maintain their work during confinement thanks to the collaboration of the IMD (Municipal Institute of Sport), Bilbao Kirolak and the respective municipalities of Barakaldo and Bilbao, that have allowed around a hundred homeless people to take refuge in the sports centers of Lasesarre and La Casilla. The delivery of sports equipment by the Athletic Club Foundation to these associations is a form of public applause and recognition  for the social work that Goiztiri and Bizitegi play on the front lines against the pandemic.

For the Foundation, it is important to maintain its activity and continue to carry out the usual training sessions for these two projects, but it is even more gratifying if the online sessions help users of Goiztiri and Bizitegi to cope with confinement, an extreme situation in which the emotional factor and the community spirit are fundamental. Maintaining the required safety distance and avoiding any health risk, homeless people refugees in the aforementioned sports centers train twice a week following the guidelines that Foundation technicians program online. Given the shortage of clothing caused by the current circumstances, the Foundation and Athletic Club have delivered various textile materials from the New Balance brand, Principal Sponsor of the club and Honorary Member of the Foundation, in both sports centers. The video that accompanies this news is above all a tribute to the homeless and professionals and volunteers who work in associations that, like Goiztiri and Bizitegi, are part of the Third Social Sector of the Basque Country and are also on the front line of battle against the coronavirus.