The Genuine already has its own stickers


Through a video call, Aritz Aduriz has surprised Josu, one of the team captains, showing him his Athletic Club Fundazioa card

The Athletic Club Fundazioa squad, thanks to the initiative jointly promoted by LaLiga Genuine Santander and Panini, already has its own stickers that are part of the newly created collection. It has been Aritz Aduriz, through a video call, who has surprised Josu by showing him his card, listed as “Top Transfer”. In the conversation between the two red and white lions, who have known each other for years, both have shown their desire to return to training together in Lezama as soon as possible. The collection consists of 1,200 trading cards and among them is the entire staff of our Genuine team, including the coaching staff.


This new collection, currently available in digital format, is divided into 4 albums, where the 36 LaLiga Genuine teams appear. You can start the collection at or by downloading the MyPanini Digital Collection app, available for both Android and IOS. Every day users will receive an envelope with 6 stickers of each of the albums they have subscribed to. Through the platform, they will be able to exchange with other users those repeated stickers to finish the collection.

For more information, here  a video tutorial explains all the details. To celebrate this genuine launch, in addition, Panini shares a promotional code ‘LALIGAGENUINE’, with which each person will get 500 coins to acquire 5 extra envelopes (valid once).