Cerebral palsy football is a form of football played by athletes who suffer from cerebral palsy or acquired brain damage. The neurological disorders of cerebral palsy affect body movements and the coordination of muscles to a different degree, conditioning their functional capacity. Athletic Club Foundation, in collaboration with the associations Haszten, Aita Menni and Bidaideak, has organised two pilot training sessions for this type of football in order to evaluate its implementation in view of the activities planned for next season. The objective would be to organize a football training for people with cerebral palsy or brain damage on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

According to Pablo, Haszten’s sports technician: “The objective is to generate equal opportunities for everyone, because sports practice and physical activity are fundamental for normalization and for the improvement of aspects such as psychomotricity and personal fulfillment.

For families with children with cerebral palsy, the learning of different sports is a necessity that requires the organization of activities that expand the sporting offer demanded by an inclusive society.