Increasing participation in the Utopia project



Twenty-five women in vulnerable situations meet every Tuesday at the La Casilla sports centre to create a space for sisterhood


The seventh season of the Utopia Project has been consolidated at the beginning of 2023 with a record number of participating users. From the seventeen women who started the course last year, the number has risen to twenty-five at the beginning of this edition. The aim of the project is to create a space of sisterhood for these women who, for a variety of reasons, find themselves in a situation of vulnerability.

In collaboration with the Clara Campoamor Association, the Utopia Project works from the double perspective of motivation and physical improvement, with the idea of generating an annual group of adult women who support each other.

The weekly sessions are held every Tuesday at the La Casilla sports centre, thanks to an agreement with @bilbaokirolak . In the first hour, the work is mainly didactic, where they learn motivation and empowerment techniques. The second hour is specific sports training, adapted to the different circumstances of each individual.

The importance of the group is fundamental for each of the women, individually, to regain the self-esteem necessary to succeed. In the two hours that each Utopia session lasts, the participating women feel united and accompanied. In this way, sport becomes a therapeutic tool that helps both physical improvement and mental health.

Participation in the Utopia project is completely free of charge. Former player and red and white legend Eli Ibarra, accompanied by María José Boraita, from the Foundation, and Izaskun Gutiérrez, from the Clara Campoamor Association, are in charge of directing the project.

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