The Bizkaina Padel Federation joins the Foundation

The Bizkaina Padel Federation signs as Benefactor of the Athletic Club Foundation

The Athletic Club Foundation and the Bizkaina Padel Federation have signed an agreement whereby the latter joins the Athletic Club Foundation as Benefactor. In this way, the Federation becomes part of our entity and adds, endorsing our commitment in favor of a better society, to the projects that the Foundation develops in the social, cultural, sports and environmental fields.

Precisely, framed within the sports area and as a result of a common interest, the Bizkaina Padel Federation will promote a League of Padel Companies whose shared objective will be the promotion of amateur sports in the federative field. Likewise, and as with football, the promotion of sport as an activity may also benefit the Foundation’s member companies, for which it is expected that they can also play their own League of Paddle Companies.