Together for the common good


The foundations of Athletic Club, Lurgaia and Adsis have participated in a joint event in favor of sustainability and social inclusion

The Athletic Club Foundation has celebrated, together with the Lurgaia Foundation and the Adsis Foundation, a day of planting native trees that is part of its CO2 Compensation project, which counteracts the carbon footprint caused by the movements of the teams of the Athletic Club through the annual planting of 2,100 trees in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.

Eleven users of the Adsis Foundation Bestalde Program, aimed at persons deprived of liberty and deprived of liberty, have joined the Athletic Club Foundation technicians in this sustainable and social initiative. An activity developed in the open air and in full nature to which the Adsis team has joined in a positive way, showing an outstanding attitude and implication. Under the instructions and supervision of Jon Hidalgo, head of the Lurgaia Foundation, two hundred trees of seven different native species have been planted. La Unión, a collaborating company of the Foundation, has been in charge of the round trip to Muxika on the official Athletic Club bus.

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