The Genuine team get their season underway


The Athletic Club Foundation kicked off a new campaign at Lezama with the hope of returning to normality and winning a new Fair Play title

The Genuine team’s 45-member squad has been unveiled at Lezama ahead of a very special season. The Athletic Club Foundation have begun training with the hope of getting back to a sense of normalcy and winning another Fair Play title. Since playing in the Second Phase of LaLiga Genuine in Seville in February 2020, the Genuine Lions and Lionesses have been unable to compete again due to the pandemic. If there are no unforeseen last-minute circumstances, Athletic Club Foundation will return to competition on November 13 and 14 in Tarragona. It will be a weekend full of excitement which will serve to see out the 2019/20 season, the last two phases of which were suspended due to Covid-19.

For this new season, the Genuine team will have a squad of 45 players which includes four women. With respect to the coaching staff, Esteban Feijoo, Eli Ibarra, Igor Arenaza, Rocío Ybarra, Diego Feijoo and Nora Ercoreca will continue as volunteers. Furthermore, Fundación BBK stay on as Genuine’s main sponsor for another year. The presentation was attended by Aitor Elizegi and Juan Carlos Ercoreca, presidents of Athletic Club and the Athletic Club Foundation; Nora Sarasola and Koldo Bilbao from the BBK Foundation; Andoni Goikoetxea, ambassador of Fundazioa; and the directors Goyo Arbizu, Iker Goñi and Óscar Beristain.

LaLiga Genuine, made up of teams with individuals who have intellectual disabilities, contains a total of 42 clubs, including six new additions. They are FC Barcelona, SD Ponferradina, CF Fuenlabrada, Burgos CF, FC Cartagena and UD Ibiza.


LaLiga Genuine Santander is working on both the resumption and conclusion of the unfinished 2019/20 season as well as the start of a new season for the month of January 2022. All of this provided that the social and health conditions allow it, and that a phase of LaLiga Genuine Santander can be held in a normal manner while preserving the health of all those involved in the competition.

Athletic Club Foundation Genuine Squad 2021/22:  Javier Barrutia, Joanes González, Aner Ponciano, Hodei Barandalla, Aitor Iturbe, Izaskun Cerrato, Jose Antonio González, Jon Ander Gil, Javier Núñez, Aitor Alberdi, Inaxio Mardaras, Iratxe Lobato, Beñat Herboso, María José Paul, Aitor Arregui, Josu Uriguen, Josué Delfín Cruz, Saioa Ortiz, Sergio Vadillo, Asier Gortazar, Oihan Garate, Jesus Gomendiorrutia, Jose Antonio García, Igor Porset, Josu Del Valle, Álvaro Urkidi, Luis Alberto Gómez, Alberto Hermoso, Endika Zamalloa, Fco. De Borja González, Oier Sadia, Jon Arroyo, Mikel Vaquero, Vicente Lucio, Ivan Gutiérrez, Inazio De La Torre, Bittor Iturburu, Adán Vila, Ander García, Evelio Gutiérrez, Edgar Encinas, Kepa Solabarrieta, Óscar Barcenas, Joseba Castresana y Álvaro Artetxe.