Solidarity penalty with the elderly


The Athletic Club Foundation, led by Iribar, joins the celebration of the 110th anniversary of the Miranda Foundation

The Athletic Club Foundation has participated in the act “Kick a penalty in solidarity with the elderly” organized by the Miranda Foundation to commemorate its 110th anniversary. The celebration took place in the gardens of the Center for Specialized Attention for the Elderly that the Miranda Foundation has in Barakaldo and in which comprehensive care is offered to 229 residents and their families. Throughout the morning, around 30 people over the age of 75 had the opportunity to take a solidarity penalty to the legendary Iribar and the rest of the club’s representatives, including Andoni Goikoetxea, Javier Irureta, Gontzal Suances, Pablo Otaolea and the manager Goyo Arbizu.


Through this act of solidarity, the Athletic Club Foundation and the Miranda Foundation have tried to give visibility and prominence to the elderly. Around 300 people have witnessed the penalty shootouts in a festive and supportive atmosphere. The first of the penalties has been taken by the 86-year-old Reverend Don Jokin Perea González, president of the Miranda Foundation, who has not been able to beat the legendary Iribar, the great Txopo.