The U-15 of Athletic in the Reading Club


The teams Alirón and San Mamés of 2006, Mikel San José and José Roberto Torero have talked about “A history of football”

A phrase like this: “Because not only what you propose is important, but who you surround yourself to achieve”, so close to our philosophy, it deserved by itself an Athletic Reading Club. If, in addition, the phrase belonged to a book that told a story of football and friendship, and its author, José Roberto Torero, participated in the X edition of Letters and Football, the opportunity was irreproachable for the Foundation. So this afternoon, at the Foral Library, about thirty boys from the Alirón and San Mamés children’s teams have joined Mikel San José and the Brazilian writer José Roberto Torero to talk about the book “A history of football”. The talk has been moderated by Galder Reguera. Andoni Ayarza, Deputy Sports Director of Lezama, manager Iker Goñi, and coaches Txema Añibarro, Oskar Alkorta, Cefe Ruiz and Unai Rodríguez have also attended.

All of them had read the book before and today’s meeting has served, as in all reading clubs, to comment on episodes, share emotions and create spaces for reading to be part of the formation of our quarry players.