Unique gift boxes


The Athletic Club Foundation welcomes its supporters through gift boxes assembled by people with disabilities

The community of supporters of the Foundation forms the so-called Club Athletic and, without the slightest doubt, they are the true heart of the Foundation. Through the web , becoming a member of the Club Athletic is very simple and implies an annual donation of € 50. In return and as a token of appreciation, the Foundation offers a series of exclusive benefits for its supporters and, with the newly released Club Athletic, gives welcome boxes with different original and personalized gifts according to age.

So the supporters of the Foundation, new and old, with their annual donation receive a bar code card from the Club Athletic in a beautiful, very special welcome box.

First, because of its content: specific gifts according to six age groups, from newborns to adults. Details designed for the fans and with which to show the pride of feeling part of Athletic. And, secondly, because the boxes also contain a secret that reveals the true meaning of the Foundation, which is none other than promoting Athletic Club values by organizing activities and developing projects in favor of a better society. That is why the gift boxes are mounted in a new logistics center of Lantegi Batuak in Durango, where chain assembly offers the opportunity to employ people with disabilities.

From 100% capable people, for 100% Athletic people. That is why each gift box of the Foundation is a good gesture, a beautiful present for a better future.