Walking Football enjoys sport in Portugal

The players of the two Athletic Club Fundazioa teams, between the ages of 51 and 77, are happy for their participation in the Albufeira international tournament

The twenty-one members of the Athletic Club Foundation‘s two Walking Football teams have returned from their trip to Portugal very satisfied with their participation in the Albufeira international tournament. According to Jesús Camacho, coach of these two teams, “the sensations have been magnificent, not only because of the possibility that the players have had to enjoy football and the competition, but also because the relationship between them has been extraordinary and, despite their ages, they have enjoyed sport to the fullest, which is the main objective of this Foundation project”.

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Specifically, Athletic Club Fundazioa Walking Football over 60 has been champion and the over 50 has finished second in the Plate Cups, the consolation phases for teams that failed to access the final phase. But, beyond the results, the experience has been so positive that the Foundation poses next competitive challenges in the short term. Meanwhile, the different groups of this project, with more than 60 people participating, continue with their weekly trainings in Getxo and Lezama.