Athletic Club Foundation continues its collaboration with Osakidetza, by undertaking the second phase of the project started back in 2016 at Cruces University Hospital. Thus, the AC Foundation carries on its work along with Paediatrics’ Innovation Area, whose main goal is to help with the humanization process regarding the treatment of the underage patients. That is to say, to make children undergoing any treatment feel as comfortable as possible. After the first intervention at Cruces hospital, where the Emergency Room and the Infirmary were decorated with each mural paintings, this season’s aim is to get more hospital rooms customized by AC Foundation: waiting room, X Ray’s waiting room, X Ray’s room and so on.

In the same way, the hospital staff will keep handing out award-stickers to all those kids that bravely undergo their treatment (i.e. medical examination, blood test, vaccination, etc.). They’ll also receive a diploma signed by AC’s team captains, that is, a kind of ‘Txapeldun’ (champion’s) certificate, with which children are awarded and encouraged to carry on with their treatment on a positive vibe.
After all, it means a further step to the joint effort of AC Foundation and Osakidetza to help our children when they need us most.