Athletic Club, #Morethanfootball

Athletic Club Foundation joins the EFDN campaign that helps to get to know the social work of entities linked to football
Athletic Club and the Athletic Club Foundation have joined the #Morethanfootball campaign, the objective of which is to make visible the social work that professional football clubs carry out in favor of the community to which they belong. The campaign is promoted by the EFDN (European Football for Development Network), an association that unites football clubs, leagues and federations from all over Europe that work for social improvement through football and of which the Foundation has been a part for several years. Óscar de Marcos, Íñigo Lekue, María Díaz and Marta Unzué have been the footballers who have taken part in the initiative.
Precisely, on April 13 and 14, the EFDN organizes its fifteenth meeting, in which the members of the association share expertise, challenges and projects. This edition of the EFDN Conference will be virtual due to the pandemic.

As stated in the slogan of the campaign organized by the EFDN, #Morethanfootball, the commitment that Athletic Club maintains with society through Fundazioa goes beyond football, currently developing 40 projects in five areas of work: social , cultural, sports-academic, training and development, and environmental. More information on all of them can be obtained on the web