Bertso Derbia returns to the stage


As in every derby between zurigorris and txuriurdines since 2012, the poets of both teams will face each other on stage before the match

On Saturday, January 14th (12:00), a new edition of this classic event will be held at Bastero Kultur Etxea in Andoain. On this occasion, the event will be attended by Andoni Egaña, as ‘gai-jartzaile’, and the red and white representatives will be Sustrai Colina, Jone Uria and Aitor Etxebarriazarraga. Amets Arzallus, Alaia Martin and Aitor Mendiluze will be representing Real Sociedad.

This edition of Bertso Derbia is being held in Andoain to mark the centenary of the SD Euskalduna, one of its most special events.

Bertso Derbia is a commitment by the Athletic Club and Real Sociedad foundations to vindicate a healthy and inspiring rivalry, which takes place on the pitch and on the stage, where we go as rivals, but hand in hand.