Black novel and soccer with David Lagercrantz and Enric González

The North Hall of San Mamés hosts a new literary meeting of the special edition of Letters and Football 2022

The Swedish writer David Lagercrantz and the Catalan journalist Enric González spoke this afternoon at San Mamés about crime novels and football in a new literary day of the special edition of Letters and Football 2022, which commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the Athletic Club Foundation. The talk has been moderated by Galder Reguera and the conversation has revolved around very diverse topics, taking as a starting point the usual presence of football in the work of both authors. Between the biography of Zlatan Ibrahimovic written by David Lagercrantz and the collection of stories “Historias del calcio” by Enric González, which are his most footballing books, there is a space for football to slip in as an excuse to talk about capital issues for society current: from corruption to racism through the power of money.

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In any case, both authors have agreed that football is increasingly a world that contains all the necessary ingredients to build the plot of a good crime novel. And not only because of the more or less dark events that take place beyond soccer as a sport, but also because of the number of people linked to soccer from whom the novelists could be inspired to create truly interesting fictional characters. Not by chance, in the latest thriller that David Lagercrantz is releasing these days, called “Obscuritas”, football plays an important role.