Conference of Manolo Delgado and Toscana Viar

Under the title “Health, sport and nutrition” they will participate in the cycle organized by Secot and its Active Retirement program

The conference, organized with the collaboration of the Athletic Club Foundation, will take place next Monday, October 28, at 7:15 p.m., in the BBKSasoiko Room located in the Ronda de Bilbao street. Manolo Delgado, Athletic Club Sports Advisor with extensive and reputable professional experience in football, and Toscana Viar, current Nutritionist of the Athletic Club, will talk about health, sport and nutrition at the opening of this conference cycle.

The Active Retirement program has been designed with those recently retired or close to being. The objective is to help these people to build a new life cycle with which to enjoy a full life after retirement, in an enriching way that allows them to face the following years with the best quality of life.