The Athletic Club Foundation, advancing in its desire to obtain the Bikain certificate, has asked the Basque Government for the corresponding evaluation

The Athletic Club Foundation wants to give new impetus to EUSKERA and has decided to obtain the “Certificate of Quality in BIKAIN Linguistic Management, Euskararen Kalitate Ziurtagiria” which, together with Euskalit, grants the Basque Government to the entities that accredit a certain level of standardization in the presence, use and management of Basque.

Therefore, the Foundation took the first step in March 2019 and met in Gasteiz with those responsible for the Bikain program of the Basque Government. After the explanations received, the determination was made to obtain the aforementioned certificate, so that during the period between April and September the next step was taken, consisting of a previous diagnosis on the situation of Basque in the Foundation. And now the time has come for the third step: to ask the Basque Government for the evaluation itself, which in principle will be carried out during the month of November.

This strategic decision will improve and accelerate the normalization of Basque in the entity. On the part of the Foundation, the person responsible for this process will be Igor Arenaza, and in the challenge he will have the help of the Eusport company, with extensive experience in the field, and which includes among his managers the former Athletic Club player, Koikili Lertxundi, and Oihane Eriz, external evaluator of the BIKAIN program.