John Carlin: “Football is the great language of the world”


On the second day of the festival, the English writer presented the first episode of the documentary series “This is Football” and spoke to journalist Ander Izagirre.

The second day of the Thinking, Letrak eta Futbola festival took place this evening at San Mamés with the screening of the first episode of the documentary series “This is Football”, created by John Carlin. After the film, the English writer himself chatted with journalist Ander Izagirre from San Sebastian about this audiovisual project in which Carlin shows the power of football to bring people together. In his acclaimed book “The Human Factor”, the English writer had already touched on the social power of sport, in particular, by recounting the conciliatory role played by rugby after Nelson Mandela’s arrival at the helm of the South African government.

In their conversation, Carlin and Izagirre discussed a wide range of topics related to the emotions that football arouses in supporters around the world. It is precisely football’s ability to stir up passions that makes it such a powerful social weapon. For Carlin, “football is the great language of the world, it is the great democracy of the world. What distinguishes us from other animals is that we talk without a purpose, we talk just to talk, and football is the great topic of conversation of the world”.

Day three: The Fort and Howard’s Way

TThinking, Letrak eta Futbola continues on Wednesday at San Mamés with a double film session. Firstly, at 5:00 pm, there are still tickets available to attend the screening of the documentary “The Fort”. The film is directed by Alex Gale and features Fort William Football Club, the worst team in the Scottish league. The highlight of the day, with all tickets already sold out, will be the documentary in tribute to Howard Kendall, “Howard`s Way”.