San Mames is lit up in the colours of #TotalAccess

The Club and Foundation have joined the awareness week promoted by the Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE)

Athletic Club and the Foundation have once again taken part in the week to raise awareness about reduced mobility promoted by CAFE (Centre for Access to Football in Europe), which was held between the March 12 and 20. Athletic Club has the first supporters’ club in La Liga founded by people with reduced mobility. The supporters’ club is called Denon Athletic and is made up of 76 people. It is based in San Mamés itself, in the “La Campa de los Ingleses” tavern.


CAFE is an organisation sponsored by UEFA to improve accessibility to football grounds for people with reduced mobility. On Saturday night, the San Mames stadium was lit up in the blue of this international organisation. CAFE’s motto, which Athletic Club has adopted, is #TotalAccess. The aim is to promote true inclusion in order to enhance the experience of being part of Athletic Club and to be able to experience its everyday life in different areas and places.

One of the most important initiatives that the Club has presented for implementation in the last months are the escalators. They make it easier for spectators to access the third tier (second and third floors) in the four sectors of the stadium (Main, East, North and South). The new escalators, which facilitate access to their seats for 29,000 people, run parallel to the existing pedestrian steps without causing any disruption. Persons with permanent or temporary reduced mobility and the elderly have priority for using them. .