Futbola Buruan

Every season, the Athletic Club Foundation collaborates with the Liga Intercentros de Salud Mental de Euskadi (Inter-centre Mental Health League in the Basque Country), made up of health centres from the Osakidetza Mental Health Network and a number of private centres.


The league is aimed at people with mental illness. The aim of this programme is to help patients in the treatment of mental illnesses through playing sports, achieving challenges such as improving certain symptoms and aspects of the illness, acquiring social skills and healthy lifestyles and breaking with the stigmas that unfortunately often surround people suffering from mental illnesses. The Foundation’s collaboration takes the form of weekly training sessions with professionals from Athletic Club, who go around the different mental health centres in the Basque Country, and the holding in June of the Futbola Buruan Cup, in which almost two hundred players from centres in Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa and Araba take part.