The Bizkaia Mental Health Network (RSMB) was created in 2010 with the aim of providing cross-cutting, comprehensive care for people with mental illness. It comes under the umbrella of Outpatient Mental Health and the three psychiatric hospitals in Bizkaia: Bermeo, Zaldibar and Zamudio. In addition, the Foundation is also collaborating with the Avifes, Argia, Eragintza, Asasam and San Juan de Dios mental health centres on this project.


The ORSM carries out its daily work in the various mental health centres distributed throughout the region. The day hospitals, assertive community treatment teams and in-patient units in Bermeo, Zaldibar and Zamudio are also part of this mental health network. Togther with the ORSM, centres such as Avifes, Argia, Eragintza, Asasam and San Juan de Dios are working in the same field and helping people with mental illness improve their situation and stay in the community environment. The Athletic Club Foundation is working with all of them, both through multi-sport and indoor football sessions.

In the weekly trainings run by the Foundation’s coaches, the aim is to help patients in the treatment of mental illness through sport. Sport helps to achieve the following: the improvement of certain symptoms and aspects of the illness, the acquisition of social skills and healthy lifestyles and breaking down the stigmas that unfortunately often surround people suffering from mental illnesses.