Start of the Utopía-Dronak project


The Foundation achieves an agreement with Dronak so that the women of the Utopia project obtain the drone piloting license

The Athletic Club Foundation and Dronak, a drone pilot training school based in Bilbao, have reached an agreement for women in vulnerable situations who are part of the Utopia project to obtain the Professional Drone Pilot (RPAS) license. This is a four-week course, with 60 hours of theoretical training and more than 15 practices, which ends with an exam granted by the RPAS license.

Launched in 2016 with the Clara Campoamor Association and the Integrando Foundation, the Utopia Project aims to help adult women in situations of vulnerability in their empowerment process. The Athletic Club Foundation, in addition to a series of weekly trainings led by Athletic Club players and their own technicians, carries out complementary activities and training courses that help this group in their day to day and for the future. Last year a self-defense course was taught and this year, work training was chosen in a future profession that does not require prior knowledge or flight.