Sustainable Tourism Awards

The winners of the August challenge receive their red and white shirts and the contest continues with the September challenge on Reuse of Waste

The former Athletic Club player Carlos García, on behalf of the Foundation, has been in charge of presenting Aimar with the award for the winner of the Sustainable Development Challenges contest for the month of August, dedicated to Sustainable Tourism. The photo of Aimar walking through the mountains, always with a bag so as not to throw anything on the ground, has earned him the new Athletic Club NB jersey. María Dolores, the winner of the surprise award for the Foundation’s supporters, will receive a t-shirt dedicated to the first women’s team at her home in Cartagena, where she resides.

You can still participate in the Sustainable Development Challenge for the month of September, based this time on the Reuse of Waste. Anyone can participate. It’s very simple: Take a picture of an object that you have reused instead of throwing it away, give it a title and tell us what it was before and what it is now … You can easily do all of this by filling in our contest form. To participate, click HERE and help us make the world a better place. And remember, you can win an Athletic shirt and, if you are also Fundaziozale, that is, a member of CLUB ATHLETIC, you will be eligible for the special surprise prize.