“With this contest you always win”

The winners of the challenge on the reuse of waste are already known, and you can now participate in the October challenge, the importance of Biodiversity
Nuria and Ibai were the winners of the Sustainable Development Challenges contest for the month of September. The theme was the reuse of waste. Anyone could take part in the contest. The photographs received have been extremely varied, but all with one element in common: objects used for a purpose other than the one for which they were conceived.

Fundaziozale Ibai was the winner of the special surprise award for members of CLUB ATHLETIC. There were several participants who transformed waste into toys. Izaro made a frog game out of a shoebox. Aimar turned an empty bottle into an athleticzale “shaker”. But, in the end, the award-winning photograph was Ibai’s. An Athletic rocket made from a milk carton and a cardboard roll. Soon the Foundation will hold the awards ceremony and then Ibai will know exactly what special surprise award he will receive for being in CLUB ATHLETIC.

October challenge: the importance of Biodiversity. Participates!

Here is a selection of photos from September’s participants and the link to the new Sustainable Development Challenge for the month of October, this time based on the importance of Biodiversity. The contest is open to all audiences. As Felix tells us: “With this contest you always win. Even if you don’t get the shirt, you help the planet. ” Take a photograph of an example of Biodiversity that you know in your environment, give it a title and tell us which animal or plant species appear. Taking part is really easy, all you need to do is fill in the contest form. To participate, click HERE and help us make the world a better place. And remember, you can win an Athletic shirt and, if you are also Fundaziozale, that is, a member of CLUB ATHLETIC, you will be eligible for the special surprise prize.

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