The Foundation and Aterpe, with Save the Children


The Foundation and Aterpe, the Athletic Club Child Protection Area, come together to collaborate with the emergency intervention “A TU LADO”, by Save the Children

The Athletic Club Foundation and Aterpe, the club’s Child Protection Area, have joined forces in order to collaborate with the emergency intervention “A TU LADO”, from Save the Children, an international organization that works for the rights of children. “A TU LADO” is a rapid response intervention created with the aim of alleviating the damage that more than 2,000 families that Save the Children is serving in the State are suffering, 500 of them in the Basque Country. They are families in poverty and at risk of social exclusion, with a high percentage of single mothers with dependent sons or daughters, as well as workers whose income is not enough to get out of poverty.

The Athletic Club Foundation and Save the Children collaborate on a weekly basis with a training session for a group of 23 children that our technicians lead at the Lasesarre sports center within the agreement that the Foundation maintains with the I.M.D. (Municipal Sports Institute) of Barakaldo. Given the impossibility of maintaining these face-to-face sessions, and as a complement to the online sessions, the Foundation and Aterpe have adapted the Serpents and Ladders and the Goose of Confinement games so that the children served by Save the Children can maintain their sports activity during confinement. It is a game designed for two or more players in which to win you must overcome certain challenges that combine entertainment and physical activity. It can be played as a family and it is enough to print, or project on a computer or tablet, the attached board on which to move the tiles. The idea is that the initiative, which does not require an internet connection, can be used both by Save the Children and by other associations that work with minors and with which the Foundation collaborates, such as Bakuva, Villagol or Zabaloetxe, for example.