The Foundation launches a new competition


The initiative poses simple challenges around the UN Sustainable Development Goals and rewards the social commitment of participants

The Athletic Club Foundation is commemorating World Environment Day and launching a new competition  on its website that poses a challenge every month based around themes such as sustainability, social welfare, gender equality and culture. Through this initiative, participants will be able to make visible the small but important role we all play individually in preserving and improving our environment. The competition is open to everyone and the Foundation will reward the social commitment of the participants by presenting the winner with an official Athletic Club shirt. In addition, supporters of the Foundation (Club Athletic ) who accept the challenge will be eligible for a special surprise gift.

The challenges will always be based on a specific topic linked to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The importance of local, responsible trade is the theme chosen to launch the competition. Using the form available on the Foundation’s website, participants must upload a photograph they took while shopping at a local shop and tell a brief story about it. On the competition page you will also be able find out more about the proposed theme and access a website selected for the occasion.

World Environment Day

One of the Foundation’s strategic aims is collaboration in defence of the environment, and to make Athletic Club a 100% sustainable entity. It is a challenge that the Foundation is tackling together with the Lurgaia Foundation, whose initiatives are focused on conserving biodiversity and managing the natural environment. Every year, in collaboration with Lurgaia, the Foundation offsets the carbon emissions of Athletic Club’s men’s and women’s first teams and the men’s second team by planting trees and bushes in areas of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve.