The fourth phase of LaLiga Genuine cancelled


LaLiga Genuine has postponed the celebration of the fourth phase that was to be held in Lezama on June 5, 6 and 7

Athletic Club Fundazioa, our Genuine team, will have to wait to be the host team for the fourth and final phase of the Genuine 19/20 League, as the organization has decided to postpone its celebration. This postponement joins the previous suspension of the third phase, while LaLiga Genuine analyzes the most suitable options to be able to fulfill the priority objectives: to preserve the health of all the participating teams, their families and fans; and resume the competition in optimal conditions that allow to enjoy this competition without taking any unnecessary risk.

The final dates of the third and fourth phases will be specified once it can be objectively assessed whether the health situation is adequate and offers the maximum guarantees of safety for all participants in the competition. At the time of the postponement, and after the two disputed phases, Athletic Club Fundazioa leads the Fair Play table with 179 points.