The Foundation recovers activity


The Athletic Club Foundation has recovered the activity of its social projects through scheduled sessions and online sessions

The Athletic Club Foundation, once the procedure has been agreed with the people responsible for the associations with which it collaborates, has recovered the weekly activity of the different social projects in which it participates. In this way, users of the Genuine, Ahalegina, Utopía, Bakuva, Bizitegi, Goiztiri, Save the Children, Udaloste-Zabaloetxe, Bizgarri, Gizakia, Walking Football, Villagol and Athletic Villa projects have resumed their weekly sessions. There have been numerous participants in the Foundation’s projects who, from their respective homes, have sent videos of their sports exercises to their coaches. With part of the videos received, the Foundation has edited a summary video in which it thanks them for their involvement and encourages them, as far as possible, to remain active while the confinement lasts. In addition, as some of the collaborating entities have made known to the Foundation, the scheduled sessions have helped them so that other users of their programs, but who do not participate in joint projects with the Foundation, are also encouraged to exercise during confinement.

Likewise, the Athletic Club Foundation has approached its supporters showing interest in their personal situation, especially with those older Athletic Club members. The contact with the partner companies of the Foundation is also constant, analyzing the current situation and studying the possibilities of the Foundation being present where it is most needed.