The synergistic effect of cooperation


Athletic Club Fundazioa, Lurgaia, Adsis, Sortarazi and BMHN of Osakidetza come together in an initiative that values joint work in favor of sustainability and social inclusion

The Athletic Club Foundation has held, together with the Lurgaia Foundation, the Adsis Foundation, Sortarazi and the Bizkaia Mental Health Network (BMHN) of Osakidetza, a day of planting native trees that goes far beyond the CO2 Compensation project in which the act is framed. The synergistic effect of the cooperation between the participating entities highlights the importance of the common work that the Athletic Club Foundation is committed to.

On the one hand, this day is part of the annual planting of nearly 2,000 trees in the Biosphere Reserve with which the carbon footprint caused each season by the travel of the Athletic Club teams is offset. But, at the same time, it is an opportunity for users of Adsis, Sortarazi and BMHN projects to carry out a different and motivating activity that results in the common good and combats social stigmas.

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Ten users of the Bestalde Program of the Adsis Foundation (aimed at people deprived of liberty and former prisoners), fifteen of the RSMB Project of Osakidetza (in which people with mental illnesses are attended in a transversal and integrated manner) and six of the Sortarazi Project ( Claretian association that works for the social inclusion of people in a situation or at risk of exclusion in Bizkaia through the integral development of their capacities) have joined Fundazioa technicians and collaborators in this sustainable and social initiative.

An activity carried out outdoors and in the middle of nature to which all the participants have joined in a positive way, showing an outstanding attitude and involvement. Under the instructions and supervision of Jon Hidalgo, head of the Lurgaia Foundation, more than two hundred trees of seven different native species have been planted. La Unión, a collaborating company of the Foundation, has been in charge of the trip to and from Muxika in the official Athletic Club bus.