VillaGol & Athletic Villa, a project that bears fruit

More than 150 girls improve their quality of life through sports in Villa El Salvador (Peru)

More than 150 girls improve their quality of life through soccer sports in Villa El Salvador (district of Lima, Peru) thanks to the VillaGol & Athletic Villa project of the Sports and Development Association, in collaboration with the Athletic Club Foundation and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia.

Precisely, a delegation from the Provincial Council headed by Teresa Laespada, Provincial Councilor for Employment, Social Inclusion and Equality, has been to the site as part of a trip to visit various projects financed by Bizkaia Koopera on the ground. Laespada has had a meeting with twenty players and mothers, in addition to the president of Sport and Development Villa El Salvador, Juan Abanto.

This association is a communal entity that has been working for more than fifteen years in sports and promotion of the rights of boys and girls through sport.

It currently has the Athletic Villa women’s football team to promote the incorporation of girls into sport. It began without any girls practicing sports and currently there are about 150 active girls and women in the structure. On the other hand, Athletic Villa also has a Genuine team of people with intellectual disabilities.

As a whole, VillaGol has several soccer and futsal teams. In addition, it grants scholarships to players with school support and, at the same time, it also grants scholarships to players to become coaches.

Similarly, soccer works for the prevention of conflicts and action is taken to start up and maintain, in collaboration with local promoters, futsal fields in all sectors of Villa El Salvador.