The aim of Athletic Club and the Foundation is for every player in the environment to be able to have access to the best sports and educational training.


To this end, the Foundation has set up a project to train grassroots football instructors in order to reach the almost 40,000 male and female players who play on the pitches in Bizkaia every weekend. As a result of this, Athletic Club’s coaches are working hand in hand with almost all of the football clubs in Bizkaia, implementing the Athletic Club methodology. The training is designed to achieve excellence in the work with young players, and ranges from issues related to organising time and space in training sessions to communication applied to the coach’s task, including training in psychology, motor skills, specific training for goalkeepers, models of plays in games, motor skills, nutrition and child protection.

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Athletic Club coaches assigned to different clubs implement the proposed methodology and advise the corresponding club’s representative. In this way, a commonality of purposes is created, which reaches all of the football clubs and many schools in Bizkaia.

For the optimization of this process, six geographical areas of training and technification are distinguished from the Foundation:

  • Bilbao
  • Margen Derecha-Txorierri-Mungia
  • Margen Izquierda-Encartaciones
  • Duranguesado-Gernikaldea
  • Ibaizabal-Valle de Ayala
  • Lea Artibai