The president of the Athletic Club, Aitor Elizegi, and the deputy for Euskera and Culture and President of the Bizkaia Bizkaialde Foundation, Lorea Bilbao, have signed in Ibaigane the collaboration agreement by which both entities renew their commitment to the sport of Bizkaia. The Athletic Club undertakes to collaborate financially with the Bizkaia Bizkaialde Foundation with a sum of 75,000 euros that will be used to help high level Biscayan sport.

Aitor Elizegi highlighted the link that both entities maintain in favour of the teams and sportspeople of our territory: “We are an active part of Bizkaia Bizkaialde with our women’s football and as such and from our position, we are an active part in a society where Athletic Club has an important share of responsibility and an obligation to respond also to our sportspeople and the teams that represent Bizkaia all over the world”.

Lorea Bilbao, while thanking Athletic Club for its contribution, stressed the importance of supporting the Foundation she presides, recalling that “this entity was created in the year 2000 with a clear objective: to enable access to the highest competitive level and the maintenance of sports clubs in the territory, something that would otherwise be very difficult and would be practically impossible for them to compete at that level”.

Nowadays, together with the Athletic Club, more than 30 entities and companies make up the Bizkaia Bizkaialde Foundation in their quest to make the economic efforts of public and private entities that support and contribute to the promotion of sport in Bizkaia profitable.