New March challenge and February winners

The Sustainable Development Challenge of the month of March is dedicated to homemade and ecological cleaning products
One of the challenges of sustainability that we will have to face sooner rather than later relates to cleaning products. Industrial cleaning products are effective, but often highly polluting. We need to find a balance that allows them to be used in a way that takes their environmental impact into account. An alternative available to everyone is to use homemade, eco-friendly cleaning products, using items that we usually have at home, such as lemon, vinegar, bicarbonate, alcohol, aloe… which, when properly combined, perfectly fulfil the disinfectant and cleaning role we are looking for.
The challenge that the Foundation proposes to you in the month of March is that you send us a photograph of an ecological homemade cleaning product. The contest is open to all audiences and it is very easy to participate. A clear example would be homemade hydroalcoholic gel to combat the pandemic. There are a number of tutorials on how to make them easily and safely on the internet. You can do it easily by filling out the form HERE. Among the prizes, an Athletic shirt and many surprises.

February winners

Juan and Alaia have been the winners of the Sustainable Development Challenges contest for the month of January. The goal was for you to discover sustainable places in your neighborhood or city that you could reach in a maximum of 15 minutes. Juan has discovered a path that connects his town with that of a neighbouring town, and from now on he will use it frequently on foot or by bike. Alaia, offers us an excursion near Punta Lucero. Soon, the Foundation will present the awards to both winners. Zorionak Juan and Alaia!