Fundazioa and the Bilbao City Council renew their collaboration agreement


Bilbao Kirolak will give away its sports facilities for free for the development of the Bizitegi, Adsis, Bakuva, Ahalegina and Utopia projects


The Athletic Club Foundation and the Bilbao City Council have renewed their collaboration agreement for the development of social projects that aim to insert people at risk of exclusion or in a situation of vulnerability, through the promotion and use of the sport as a tool for integration. Thus, Bilbao Kirolak will give its sports facilities free of charge to the Athletic Club Foundation for its training sessions. The beneficiary entities of the agreement are:

  • Bizitegi, intended for homeless people.
  • Adsis, and its Bestalde Program aimed at private and former persons deprived of liberty.
  • Bakuva, for minors at risk of social exclusion in the Bilbao environment.
  • Ahalegina, whose recipients are minors with intellectual disabilities.
  • Utopía, for women in vulnerable situations.

In addition, Bilbao City Council and the Foundation will collaborate in promoting activities for the inclusion of people with functional diversity, in campaigns and awareness-raising actions aimed at the general population, in the development of activities in the educational, associative and health fields, as well as in cooperation for the development of sports activities in the Otxarkoaga neighborhood.